Sunday, May 30, 2010

Singam Movie review (Tamil)

Movie – Singam
Director – Hari
Cast – Surya, Anoushka, Prakashraj and others

Plot synopsis:

This is the 3rd film in the Surya – Hari combination and I had a expectation that this film would be good and both did not disappoint. This action movie is about Duraisingam, who is an honest and bold cop and is loved and revered by his village people. The story starts to up pace from the time Prakashraj enters the scene. He is a ruthless person who extracts money from builders and land owners threatening them that work will not progress if cash is not paid to him, but there is much more to Prakashraj and his henchmen which gets revealed in the latter part of the film.

The encounter between Prakashraj and Surya takes place when Prakashraj is ordered by court to sign in Nallore Polices Station (Surya’s village) for 15 days. Prakashraj does not appear directly and asked another person to sign in his place in Nallore, but Surya finds this out and immediately makes Prakashraj comes to his village. Prakashraj comes all fired up and threatens Surya, and at this instance the village people gather in support for Surya and break the glass of Prakashraj and their henchmen and also threaten Prakashraj, to which Prakashraj is in total shock.This is one of the most interesting scenes in the first half apart from Anoushka’s freshness. She comes to her fathers’s village on a vacation and meets Surya, but love does not happen on first look, but happens gradually which is believable. Anoushka has done a good job and has certain scope for acting as well in the film, and she does justice.

Prakashraj after being humiliated by Surya, transfers Surya to Thiruvanmiyur as Inspector, where he makes Surya suffer to the point where he wants to return to his hometown. Anoushka brainwashes him at this time and coerces him to take up on himself to rid the city of Prakashraj. The screenplay in the second half travels at a breakneck speed. The body language of Surya is exceptional and he looks the part. The comedy by Vivek is not much to talk about as I personally feel he has lost his edge in this film completely and the background song just irritates you every time you hear it.

The veterans Vijay Kumar, Nasser, Radharavi and Manorama have done their part well. Especially Radharavi has got a good role, that of Surya’s father and he has made full use of the opportunity. The songs in this film by Devi Sri Prasad are hummable, especially songs sung by Baba Sehgal and Shaan. Overall this film is a hat trick success by Surya Hari combo, and the Director has also given a hint that there could be a sequel to this film.Looking forward to it.....

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