Thursday, November 11, 2010

Myna Movie


Myna is a heartrending beautiful journey of love. The story is about Surli and Myna and their utmost love for each other. Surli loves Myna from his childhood days and the affection is mutual. The problem arises when Myna’s mother wants to marry off Myna to another person who is well settled in life. Myna does not approve of this and when Surli hears about this he gets enraged and beats up Myna’s mother, which results in police arresting him. When Surli hears the news that Myna’s marriage has been arranged while he is in prison he escapes from jail, and tries to stop the marriage. Meanwhile, the two policemen go in search of him and find him quarrelling with Myna’s mother. The bridegroom’s family on hearing the commotion leaves the place and Myna goes along with Surli and the other 2 policemen and the journey starts from here.

The route (Theni, Munaar) the four of them travel is superb and the cameraman has captured it beautifully. The love between Surli and Myna is shown really well and they have emoted well (considering it is only the second film for them). The two policemen resent Surli initially since because of him they could not spend their Deepavali with their family, but that also changes eventually.Thambi Ramiah has a superb role in the film as a constable, and has done justification to the role. The film moves really well and the comic moments are well knit into the script. The comedy scene between a co-passenger and Thambi Ramiah after the bus dives into the gorge is hilarious. All the actors have performed really well and credit should be given to Prabhu Solomon for the impeccable direction and also Udayanidhi Stalin and AGS cinemas should be congratulated for bringing the movie to a wider audience. The music and BGM by Iman is really good, especially the bus song. The climax will not be as expected and the Director makes us guess how the film will end and that is where he shines through. The film gives wind to the new wave of Tamil cinema.